Welcome to ExploreKNP!

The Kruger National Park is the place I call home.

From a young age, I visited the Kruger with my family, and those experiences as a child turned into a passion as an adult.

So much so, in fact, that I now take a once-a-year retreat to the Kruger Park on my own. My chosen accommodation is camping, and there is no better experience for me than spending a week by myself in the bush. In my special place – The Kruger National Park.

I’m a normal guy with a wonderful, loving family. I have a career that I absolutely love (incidentally not related to the bush or the Kruger in any way), which allows me to have a break, once a year, by myself, in the Kruger National Park.

My great passion for wildlife – the bush, the animals, camping out, the African sunsets, sitting by the fire and specifically the Kruger National Park, is growing within me. I know that there is a huge sense of community and camaraderie among fellow nature-lovers, and I hope that my passion, which has overflowed into somewhat of an online presence in the form of Twitter and WordPress, might inspire a passion within other nature lovers.

Because of the fact that I’ve been visiting the Kruger Park since I was a child, there came a time in my life that I took the Park for granted. I feel that many South Africans do. It’s a constant – it’s always been there, and why would that change? But after having read about the struggles of Paul Kruger and James Stevenson-Hamilton, along with others, to turn the the Park into what it is today, I have a renewed appreciation for what a gift and blessing the Kruger Park is.

I believe that God really has His hand upon our beautiful country, South Africa, and one of the many, many ways that He’s blessed us is through the Kruger National Park.

This June I will be taking my third solitary trip to the Kruger, and will be staying at Berg-en-dal and Lower Sabie. I have also camped at Skukuza and Pretoriuskop in the past. In preparation for my trip, I researched these camps that would be new to me as a camper (although I’ve stayed at both camps in bungalows & guest houses before), and realised that there are very few first-hand accounts of what camp life is really like. What are the campsites like, and where are the best spots to camp? Which roads are the best to drive on? What items should I not forget to pack? What does the camp actually look like? The list of questions is endless.

Although you can probably find answers to most of those in many different places, my aim is to give a consolidated view. The SANparks forums are fantastic – but, there are thousands of posts, with thousands of replies. There are many websites, but a lot of them are purely for marketing purposes. There is a lot of information, but none of it is in one place.

I’m hoping to be able to change that through this blog. Keep an eye on it for my first-hand account. I’m going to try to be as disciplined as possible in posting topics. I’ll chat about camping in Skukuza and Pretoriuskop. I’ll update my Berg-en-dal and Lower Sabie experiences as they happen. I’ll chat about Satara (which I’m fortunate enough to be visiting in September), as well as posting pictures, stories (like the time I broke my nose in Berg-en-dal), and great game drives.

Stay tuned, and share in my passion. Follow me on Twitter (@ExploreKNP) or drop me an email: exploreknp@gmail.com

Kind Regards,



4 thoughts on “Welcome to ExploreKNP!

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  2. Hi ExploreKNP! We’re looking forward to your posts and sharing some thoughts on our shared love for the Kruger National Park! We wish you every success with your blog!

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